Friday, January 16, 2009

Where hate leads

Death and destruction rains down on Gaza. The death toll stands at over 1,000, with another 5,000 maimed. At least a third of the dead are children. Women, doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, traffic policemen, politicians and, yes, some members of the armed resistance, are amongst the slain. Make no mistake, Israel is conducting a massacre, not against Hamas, but against all the Palestinians of Gaza. Its aim is to ethnically cleanse this small, sad strip of impoverished land of its Arab population. And the world watches on.

A human being by the name of Lee Kaplan operates a website called "". He offers a US$25,000 reward for information on the whereabouts of ISM human rights workers in Gaza, which will lead to their murder. A young Australian volunteer, Sharon Lock, is with the International Solidarity Movement in Gaza. I urge our Foreign Affairs Minister, Stephen Smith, to do everything in his power to ensure her safety.

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