Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shame file

Name and shame.  Two elected members of the Australian parliament took part in Sunday's demonstration in Melbourne in support of Israel's actions in Gaza: Michael Danby (Labor) and Mitch Fifield (Liberal) obviously feel that Israel is pursuing a course which they support and approve.

So far the Israeli war machine has killed in excess of 5oo Gazans and inflicted grievous injuries upon another 2,790. At least 34 children have been massacred in this "defensive operation". This much is known, despite the bias in the Australian news media towards Israel and the refusal of the Israeli government to allow journalists to witness the carnage at first hand.

Danby and Fifield are out of step with the Australian people, whose outrage at the continuing bloodbath intensifies day by day.

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lizardrinking said...

I hope you are right about them being out of step. People just do not have the information in front of them, or are blinded to it. Again, thank you for your blog.