Friday, January 2, 2009

Sydney rally for Gaza 2

Aranda and her proud father.

The five dead Balousha sisters.

Taking part in Monday's march were Australians of all ages, from babies in prams to the elderly and infirm, Moslems, Christians, Jews and atheists. Maybe even some Buddhists. Horror and disgust at Israel's cold-blooded and premeditated slaughter of defenceless Gazans united us all.

Baby Aranda was there with her parents, decked out in a Palestinian scarf and with the flag on her forehead.  Thank God she lives in a country which is out of reach of the Israeli killing machine. 

Not so lucky are Anwar and Samira Balousha. Five of their daughters: Tahir 17, Ikram 15, Samar 12, Dina 8, and Jawaher 4, were killed by an Israeli air strike on the mosque next to their Gaza home on Tuesday. They join the growing list of children martyred in Israel's massacre of the innocents.

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