Monday, January 5, 2009

Second Sydney rally

On Sunday 4th January Sydney held its second rally in support of the people of Gaza. Many thousands marched (10 abreast, tightly packed for three city blocks) from the Town Hall to Belmore Park where speakers censured Israel's brutal policy of extermination. The mood of the crowd was decidedly angrier than at the previous Monday's event.  Watching on, after a week's blood-letting by Israel, our government still refuses to condemn the rogue state. How gutless is that?

News has reached me that a small counter-demonstration in favour of the ongoing massacres was held in Melbourne that same day.  I cannot comprehend that Australians (if that's who they were) could think and act in this way. If they were to see the video of the effects of a bomb in a Gaza market and still hold these views then they are evil beyond belief.

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Amir said...

It is great to see the people respond critically to this tragedy. I hope for nothing but the best for the Palestinian people, and support an end to the seige in Gaza. Free Palestine!

lizardrinking said...

Bob, at the pro-Israeli march were Labor senator Michael Danby, and Liberal senator Mitch Fifield, according to a ninemsn online report. Maybe you and other readers would like to send them a letter to express a different point of view. Both of their official pages have easy email forms. Thank you for your blog, and all similar blogs out there.