Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Twisting and turning

Prayers for the young victims.

An Australian friend remarked: "That Tzivi Lipni is busier than a one-legged man in an arse-kicking competition" - apropos her efforts to somehow lay the blame for the hundreds of Palestinian deaths and injuries upon the Palestinians themselves. As she twisted and turned news came through that Israeli stormtroopers had shelled a United Nations school in which many hundreds of civilians were sheltering, killing over 40.  Mark Regev, the baby-faced spin doctor, reasoned that, because there were men amongst the women and children victims, the school was therefore a base for Hamas militants.

The lies and deceit by the Israeli government are not enough. Foreign news media are banned from entering Gaza to see the effects of the bombings and military incursions for themselves. However, first-hand reports are filtering out from Gazans and internationals trapped in that hell-hole. A foreign doctor has stated that 50% of the casualties he sees are women and children, that this is "all-out war against the civilian population of Gaza" who cannot flee and who are "trapped in a cage".

Meanwhile, dear Tzivi maintains that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Well, she would - if she doesn't consider the Palestinians to be human, how can there be a humanitarian crisis?

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