Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sydney rally for Gaza 3

Women in black

The boys from Hezballah

Also taking part in Monday's demo and march were people from Women in Black (the anti-war movement founded in Israel) and supporters of Hezballah and Hamas (hey fellas, don't you know the Aussie government has proclaimed both groups "terrorist organisations"? Watch out for a visit from Mick Keelty's federal police one night). The NSW police officers in attendance behaved with restraint and professionalism, unlike their London counterparts at a similar event. Well done the NSW police!

While I'm here I must comment on Tzivi Lipni's statement that "there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza" (despite the starvation, lack of medical supplies, human carnage and bloodshed).  Well then, black is white, good is bad, night is day, there was no holocaust, we are just defending ourselves, blah, blah, blah. George Orwell would have been proud of you, Tzivi. So would your dad, the old Irgun terrorist.

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Les Nasser said...

Dear Bob, thanks so much for the pictures and words: I wrote to Jason Katsoukis from the SMH yesterday and in fact used the same analogies you were using: according to the official narrative black is white and white is black.

THe Western governments seem to lose their spine when confronted with Israeli aggression: they seem unable to call it as it is: why?