Friday, January 2, 2009

Sydney rally for Gaza 1

On Sunday 29th December thousands of my fellow Australians gathered at the Sydney Town Hall before marching to the USA embassy to protest the ongoing massacres in Gaza.  Called at short notice, the demonstration was nevertheless one of the biggest the city has seen for years. The response from onlookers was sympathetic, evidence that Israel's campaign of lies and deceit swamping our news media isn't working. 

Unfortunately, our Minister for Foreign Affairs, Stephen Smith, continues to "strongly condemn" Hamas and other militant groups for firing their mostly innefectual rockets and mortars into southern Israel, while merely urging restraint upon Israel. What cynicism! What hypocrisy! What cowardice!

My advice to Mr Rudd and Ms Gillard: the Zionist lobby is powerful but it doesn't represent the Australian people. Be guided by your conscience, not by political expediency.

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