Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Egyptian Miracle

Two good old buddies holding hands in better times. One is history, the other feels the reins of power slipping, after 30 years of despotic rule, from between his clenched fingers.

Who could have predicted that the Egyptian people might depose this tyrant? Mubarak, the American puppet who has lived in luxury while his people have starved, propped up by a corrupt and vicious police apparatus, who sacrificed his country's honour for a shameful peace with Israel, feels the ground shifting beneath his feet. He is not yet gone, but his departure looks immanent.

When asked to predict the future of Palestine/Israel, Uri Avnery, founder of Gush Shalom (the Israeli Peace Bloc), remarked that unforseen and wholly unexpected events sometimes occur, changing the course of history. In modern times people power has swept the Shah of Persia from his perch and toppled the Berlin wall; in each case the dreaded Savak and the Stasi, powerful and repressive secret police forces, proved powerless to halt the will of the people.

Can something similar happen in Occupied Palestine? Sadly, no. In Tunisia, Egypt and in East Germany the armed forces were, finally, unwilling to fire upon their fellow countrymen. In the West Bank and Gaza the Israel Defence (sic) Force has shown itself more than willing to punish dissent and unarmed resistance with brutal, uncommensurate force. To IDF soldiers these are not their countrymen but a subject, lesser people, underlings not deserving of the same human rights as Israelis.

Still, don't despair. Who knows what lies around the corner? These are interesting times.


Anonymous said...

Hello Haj, great to see you back in action! And a timely post as well.

Anonymous said...

Israels right to there nation has been there right for over 2000 years yet to reclaim and keep this small piece of land given to them by God him self and Named by the Lord him self includes Jerusalem.
The Israeliss under go all most daily suicide bombers using woman and children terrorizee them as well as rocket attacks from Gaza striking Israely schools to the point the Israeliss had to place steal proctive roofs over there schools to protect them. Is THIS HUMAN? This God given right to fight tor the lives as well as there childrens lives from people that have NO HUMAN motives or tatics and the Islamics complain when they have a peacefull rally. Think how crazy that sounds. I am a U.S.A. Citizon and a fathe as well to a U.S. solder. We ( Millons of Christian Americans )stand with Isreal.