Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Natural disaster in Haiti

Man-made disaster in Gaza

Watching the news on our national broadcaster, the ABC, Australians learned that Israeli rescue teams were at the forefront of efforts to save Haitians trapped under the wreckage of their homes. Indeed, courtesy of the ever-efficient Israeli spin machine, the entire international community has been made aware of these wonderful humanitarian efforts.

Did the supreme irony strike no-one else? Israel bombs the defenceless people of Gaza into near-oblivion and then prevents outside help from reaching them, continues its policy of starving the survivors into submission, and then rushes doctors and aid workers halfway around the globe to assist Haitians? Forgive me for thinking that it was nothing more than a public relations stunt: compassion isn't something the Zionists are renowned for.

Actually, the same thought occurred to Akiva Eldar, whose article,
"Israel's compassion in Haiti can't hide our ugly face in Gaza" in the 18 January issue of Haaretz. Follow the link on the right.

Spot on, Akiva.

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