Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Banksy (2) too

Banksy at Bethlehem.

Another Banksy wall painting, this one on the apartheid wall near Bethlehem.  It's quite a witty piece of role-reversal, the little girl patting down a spreadeagled Israeli Defence (sic) Force soldier.  Body searches at the hands of the occupying force are an everyday part of Palestinian life and are carried out more as a form of humiliation of the population than out of any concern for security.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry but your caption for this photo is utterly false. Despite not accounting for the fact that the 'apartheid wall' (there is no apartheid in israel anyways so I don't know why you'd choose that term) is actually a fence for 98% of its length, you have completely misinterpreted the security situation there. the whole reason for the fence's existence is to prevent terrorists from entering into Israel. It is not a baseless argument, dozens of terrorists have in fact made their way into Israel in the past and killed many people. The fence is there to protect Israeli citizens (which include hundreds of thousands of Muslims), Israel has no time for or interest in humiliation of anybody. Faced with the same security threats, any country in the world would act accordingly.

hcg said...

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